Fancy seeing you here


Productivity during lockdown + updates!

Fancy seeing you here x

Yes, the blog is back, re-branded, and (probably not) better than ever. I hope my sad attempt at a play on words is appreciated because Funnylookin' is no more. (Thank you, sketchy online betting site who happened to think my name would suit them much better x).

Anyway, as you can hopefully tell from the title, my first post under my new moniker is going to be about nothing other than the word that's on everyone's lips at the moment: LOCKDOWN. (You can't say I'm not catering to my audience).

Don't let the title mislead you, mind. I'm not here to talk about how to boost productivity, pick up new hobbies, or go on some long winded journey of self improvement during this time (all of which are perfectly valid activities, might I add). No, I'm here because I keep seeing posts on social media that all follow the same thread by pushing the message that "If you're not achieving anything at the moment, then you never lacked time. You just lack discipline."

I just think you all need to know that that's a load of bollocks x (That's it. That's pretty much the gist of the post).

As someone who has been struggling very much at the moment (more than I would like to admit), the attitudes put forward by these posts really anger me. They push such a negative message and perpetuate the stereotype that people who are struggling mentally, physically, or financially are just plain lazy.

This really isn't the case. Our whole world has been completely flipped thanks to a virus that is sweeping the globe. Everything from our routines, work environments, to eating and sleeping patterns have changed.

And that's okay.

It's okay if you're struggling to maintain a routine when you're working from home.

It's okay if you've got kids who aren't at school and now the house is a mess because your weekly routine has gone out the window.

It's okay if all you can manage today is a shower.

You don't owe anyone productivity, self improvement, weight loss, a clean house, or a strict routine. As long as you come out the other side of this when it's over, that's all that matters. If that means being proud of yourself because you brushed your teeth today; or because you got the kids to sit down and eat breakfast without hassle; or because you spent all afternoon reorganising your bookshelves just so that you could feel in control of something in your life right now (hey, look! It's me!), then that's perfectly okay.

At the end of the day, everyone is coping differently and some are finding this easier than others. However, there is absolutely no shame in acknowledging that you're struggling or that you need help. Right now, we're stuck in limbo. We're in the metaphorical no man's land of our own day to day lives. This isn't what most of us are used to and so things are bound to change.

If there's anything you take away from this little ramble, please let it be that change is okay, you are okay, and asking for help is okay.

All my love x

p.s - the link below has a list of different services you can contact if you need help, need to speak to someone, or you're supporting someone who does -


Don't worry, this bit won't be as long as the last. I'm just here to let y'know what's changed around here!

We've gone through the whole "new name" business, but in light of the new style, I'm trying new things:

  1. I've opened an Instagram account specifically for this blog - I'm @ bleachyxkeen and you can find a link to my page at the bottom of this website homepage or by searching for me in app. Here you'll find polls, posts, and stories that enable you to have more of a say in what I write and when I post... It's also good if you just fancy being nosy.

  2. I've started a separate email account specifically for blog related things. Everything from my blog inbox gets sent there and any time anyone wants to contact me they can do so this way! (

  3. Finally, I'm planning on posting more regularly (hopefully fortnightly or even weekly once my assessment deadlines have passed) and on a wider variety of topics (this is where the Instagram polls come in). I've chosen to do this in an attempt to both explore different styles of writing and to address things that I care an awful lot about! So, on top of the usual drivel, you can expect everything from creative writing and book reviews to mental and sexual health talks, and a whole lot more!

Okay, I'm done. You can go now x

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