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#OFFICIALANIMALRIGHTSMARCH (plus some general ramblings)

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Look who it is. I'm sure you were all {all? who am I kidding there's probably 3 of you at a push} inconsolable while I was away.


So, this is going to be one of the few times in which I write a piece based on an actual event. Unfortunately, for me, this requires actual planning; hence why I am here with my laptop burning my thighs when I could be climbing Everest or something.

Anyway, Everest can wait.

This weekend (the 25th) I'll be taking part in one of the largest Animal Rights events in the country (which will also be taking part in 23 other cities spanning 13 other countries!). With an estimated 10,000 vegans taking part in London alone, I wanted to give a little insight into the whole vegan shebang before I get into my experience of the event and people start to question where I get my protein from. So, it's time for the second disclaimer of the evening- I have no intention of coming to your house and shouting at you for not being vegan; I'm only here to tell you about my experiences. So, while I will definitely be publishing more posts about veganism as my blog grows, I'd like to make it known now that reading these as a non-vegan is not going to harm you in any way. There's no vegan bogie man hiding under your bed. We're all just a bunch of plant munchin', animal lovin' human beings and I plan to keep my page as upbeat and sarcastic as usual, despite the topic being unnecessarily controversial xoxo

Okie dokie, on with the show:

August 25th 2018

{cue serious moment where Catherine gets all emotional...I promise this won't happen a lot, I'll try and keep it short} All I can say is that it was absolutely amazing to see so many like minded people gathering to spread such an important message. As the first animal rights march I've been to it did not disappoint, and it definitely won't be the last time I get involved with something like this. There were an estimated 10,000 vegans involved (I say "estimated" because, unfortunately I couldn't stop to count) and they ranged from young children right the way up to people in their seventies {not to forget a few dogs being carried round in those space age backpacks complete with little windows for Lucky to see whats going on outside his cosy pod}. The turn out was so diverse it shocked me, and it just goes to show that this isn't some new fad that's been brought about by the younger generation as a form of rebellion, but rather a way of life that's been adopted by those wishing to show love and compassion to all sentient beings. {So, suck it mum and dad x}.

Honestly, I could talk about this forever, but I actually want you guys to come back for the next post so I'll keep it concise. I will, however, leave you with a lil bit o' info on Youtube channels and documentaries that helped me make the transition to veganism so you can watch them if you want to know more {and you mega carnist "but I can't live without a bacon butty" types can just ignore it and come back for my next, non vegan related post which is already in the works {aren't you lucky}}.

However, if any of you are brave enough, feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to chew your ear off about it all. So, without further ado, here's the info I'm sure all of you are excited for:

  • - Ed is calm, collected, and respectful. He gives facts in a way that doesn't come across as pushy and is a fantastic listener. If you're looking for someone who's easy to listen to and understand then Ed is the one for you! He's also the co-founder and co-director of Surge (the organisation in charge of the Official Animal Rights March)!

  • - Mic tends to focus on busting myths (a lot of them based on nutrition) commonly believed by the non vegan and vegan population alike! I found his channel super useful in helping me to realise that veganism would not only show support for animals, but would also benefit my health massively. I can guarantee that if you have a question about the health benefits of veganism then Mic has covered it. He's also hilarious and a lot of his videos are entertaining as well as educational!

Some other influencers doing fantastic work are:

Additionally, there are some fantastic documentaries out there and I thoroughly recommend watching "What the Health" {available on Netflix}, "Forks Over Knives" {available on Netflix}, and "The Land of Hope and Glory" {Available on Youtube, but viewer discretion is advised as it's very graphic}

Anyway, I hope my very badly planned ramblings don't put you off too much! I'll leave you with some photos and I'll see you soon Baboons x

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