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Icebreakers you never asked for x

Well, this is new.

Let's face it, I'm jumping on the band wagon and being completely unoriginal in my decision to start a blog, but there's only so many notebooks one can buy before she starts to endanger the lives of several forest dwelling animals. So, here I am. I'm sorry in advance for what this blog may turn into, but I paid for my domain name and I intend to milk that £40 for all it's worth...

So, the icebreakers. Who's the face behind Funnylookin'? Is she as funny lookin' as the moniker suggests? Will her identity remain hidden forever despite the conveniently plugged instagram handle on the blog's homepage?

Apparently not. This is where the awkward introductions come in:

Hi, I'm Catherine, I'm 5ft 3; I've got a forehead big enough to land a plane on; and I've had the same sense of style since I was 3.

{caution: serious conversation involving boring life choices to ensue. Please avoid reading if you are subject to boredom or if you are still young enough to not have to worry about these things just yet. Go outside and eat mud or whatever it is kids do these days}

Over the course of the next however many years of my life (and however many thousands of pounds worth of student debt I successfully rack up) I'll be living in Cardiff, studying English language and literature with the intention of one day doing a PhD and gaining the necessary qualifications to become a lecturer. I'm sure I'll go into more detail about this in the future (lucky you), but don't want my first blog post to be too exciting so I'll hold back for the time being.

Anyway, I dubbed this blog 'Funnylookin'' for several reasons, but mainly because I believe that everyone has their own funny way of looking at the world and of course I was self centred enough to assume you'd want to hear all about mine (apologies again).

Whether or not this is of any interest to you is up to your discretion, but you've come this far so who's to say you won't enjoy what's to come?

So, it begins. If I've not bored you enough already then you can expect to see much more of me in whatever form my ramblings seem to take next, but for now just rest assured knowing that I may be too busy to write for a few days and so you won't have to chew through any of these said ramblings until then.

I miss you already x

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