Fancy seeing you here


A bucket list of sorts

Well, here we are again.

I'm here; you're there.

It's as if we've done this before.

Anyway, cliche intros aside, I'll jump right to what you came for [or what you were dragged here for at least].

In all honesty, this most recent set of rambles has come about because I've spent the past few weeks writing essays, stressing about deadlines, and feeling generally unmotivated [woe is me *cue tiny violin solo from every other uni student ever*].

So, in an unapologetically selfish turn of events, I'm writing a post for me; for my own personal benefit, in an attempt to motivate myself. So, if you're reading this: Welcome [is that the correct use of a colon? nobody knows]. I hope you enjoy and can find something somewhat relatable in and amongst my messy babbling which, today, has taken the form of a bucket list/set of rules I've set myself for my time at uni [I'm going to have to start including *cliche warnings* in these posts- yikes].

So, I guess I'll stop stalling, and get on with it...

  • Firstly, [if I had *cliche warnings* I'd insert one here] create at least one new experience for yourself a week. Whether that's something as small as actually sitting at the front of a lecture theatre [rather than shamefully wiggling your way to the back] or going to a new coffee shop to people watch, it's all beneficial. Having gone to church last Sunday [as an atheist and a bellringer *laugh all you like*, I rarely attend services], I can't say it was my cup of tea [Catherine Bleach: The Walking Cliche], but it was an experience that bettered my understanding of exactly what happens on Sunday mornings when I'm usually hiding in a bell tower. It may not have benefited my degree; increased my bank balance; or made me less of an atheist, but it enabled me to experience something I'm not usually part of that plays a large role in the lives of some of my family and friends. Now, that is vastly more significant than a number in my bank or a few letters after my name.

  • Experiences are important.

  • Secondly [and possibly more cliche than above], tell mum you love her more. It's so easy to settle into uni life and forget that your family are still living their lives 200 miles away with a you shaped hole waiting to be filled come Christmas time. [Okay, perhaps I'm overestimating my importance a teensy bit, but you get the idea]. So, for the love of everything holy, stop writing that essay; making those notes; or crying, hungover, into your coffee. Just pick up the bloody phone and ask them about their day.

  • Use your bloody doorstop! If you're adamant on working in your room all weekend then at least prop the door open so your flatmates don't think you've died in there. [Again, I may have overestimated my level of importance in the flat, but still].

  • See more of Wales! You're going to be living here for the next three years at least. Go on another walk; run a different route; get on a train to the middle of nowhere and get lost. Make the most of it while you can. You'll be surrounded by Southern Rail; judgemental oldies; and the same four streets you've traipsed your entire life before you know it. [Love you, Horsham x].

  • Say what you want; do what you want; wear what you want. As long as you're not hurting anyone you've no need to explain yourself or justify your actions to anyone. [The cliches seem to be never-ending, ladies and gents]. As someone who has, like most people at one point or another, worried about body image or the opinions of others; I've made it my mission to live by the statements above. This has, of course, resulted in mistakes and some horrible clothing choices [thank god clashing patterns are somewhat socially acceptable now], but has also brought about its fair share of good experiences too. My relationships with both myself and the people in my life have benefited hugely from clear communication, honesty, and my new found lack of fear when it comes to dressing like a "confused gay dad at a festival" [a description of yours truly, kindly donated by "zesty zesty Imy" who makes my life sweeter everyday].

  • In light of the last point [and as a sign off before this post gets too long and becomes more of a shameful cliche than it already is], I'll leave you with a mini list that I hope you can take something from [seeing as the majority of this post has been entirely self centred]- a sort of quick fire round, I guess:

Sing more [unless it's ABBA. In which case, don't sing more]Tell someone when a song reminds you of them. I honestly can't think of a sweeter compliment.Get a window plant or two [they make any room look nicer]Listen to more Simon and Garfunkel [they're fab: Fact]Say hi to dogs [I don't want to be the only oddball doing it, thanks x]And, of course, invest in an ugly shirt [or maybe 10] because they too are fab.Anywho, I'll see you soon babboons. I miss you already x
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