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5 instas you've gotta follow for easy-peasy, inclusive sex ed x

What's this? Is she finally picking up a regular posting schedule with a consistent theme? {Probably not,sorry to disappoint, but here's to trying to get my life together and posting once a week in an effort to convince people that I know what I'm doing}.

So, here we are again. It's time for me to weave my way onto your various social media timelines with countless shameless self promotional screams about how I've written another post and I'd love you to read it. {thank you for coming}.

Today, I thought I'd provide you with some lighter reading and ramble about my top 5 favourite Instagram accounts for accessible and inclusive sex ed {I believe this is called "leaving it to the professionals"}. It's no secret that nowadays most of us learn an awful lot from Instagram and, while I'd like to think this blog offers some useful SH pointers, there are countless people out there who are much further along in their educational journeys than I am and so I want to point you in their general direction.

Overall, Instagram is such an easy tool to use and is largely accessible to most of us. So, naturally, I'm unbelievably grateful that educators are making use of the platform to provide easy to process, accessible, and inclusive sex education. {It also means you've got an excuse to stop reading these posts - you're welcome x}. So, without further ado, let's get on with it (all pages will be linked via their heading):

  • sh24_nhs

  • I'd like to think most of you would have stumbled upon this page at some point. However, if you haven't, I would thoroughly recommend checking it out! It's an NHS partnered "sexual and reproductive health service" that offers free STI home testing, contraception, and support. From what I can tell, it also seems far more centred around discourse with young people than the NHS website itself. It deals with everything from casual sex, STI's, erogenous zones, and so SO much more! Honestly cannot recommend them enough.

  • They also have a linktree that I'll put here. This has even more info on STIs, contraception comparisons, and advice on terminating pregnancies.

  • Shrimpteeth

  • Next up, we've got Shrimpteeth: a Queer sex and polyam educator. Not only is this page super educational, but it's been a crucial queer safe space for a lot of people. Along with posts about the inner workings of polyamory, you'll also find information on key things to communicate to sexual partners, self love/respect, and consent! {which is, as we always say here, very key and very sexy x}

  • Not to mention that this whole page is so aesthetically pleasing that I know I'm far more likely to remember what I've read here than if it were in some stuffy old textbook {no shame on stuffy old textbooks, mind. I, for one, am a big fan of them, but modern sex education needs to be easy to process, accessible across multiple platforms, and needs to work outside of hetero-normativity. Shrimpteeth ticks all these boxes}. It's fun, accessible, and is a source of education for almost 90,000 people. Sam's linktree can be found here where you can book peer support sessions, find polyam activity sheets, and shop for sex toys that she recommends.

  • Girls on p*rn

  • Okay, so this is technically an instagram page for a podcast, but I wanted to include it just the same. I can't embed any posts from their insta here. I suspect because an awful lot of it is NSFW. {I mean, I guess that's to be expected from a podcast about porn}, but we persevere.

  • Now, porn and sex education are often two different things. However, I think this is a v important page to include nonetheless because, while porn and sex education definitely have their differences and uses, this podcast is crazy educational and encourages the consumption of ethically made porn {which is SUPER important! Pay for your porn, people x}.

  • Whilst it may not be educational in the ways that many associate with sex ed, it's super refreshing to hear two women talking openly about masturbation, turn-ons, turn- offs, less well known kinks, and a whole lot more. The podcast also introduces us to a wide range of sex educators and creators who are guests on the show. Furthermore, it teaches us that masturbation, fantasies, and exploring your sexuality and turn-ons through self love and in safe environments with your partner(s) is perfectly okay! It's also very lighthearted, which is always a bonus.

  • Here we have a page that focuses on de-stigmatising and educating people on STIs. This is something that we just don't see enough of. Period.

  • This page has taught me that there are so many stereotypes surrounding positive STI statuses and that they're all archaic. {Will be making a post about this soon - lucky you x}. Just because you've tested positive for an STI doesn't mean you're dirty, it doesn't always mean that you acted recklessly {the fear mongering generated towards STIs in secondary school education really hasn't helped here}. The bottom line here is that, regardless of your STI status and how you came about acquiring it, you are just as deserving of love and pleasure as anyone. Your status does not define you. As long as you educate yourself on how to manage any symptoms; how to practice safe sex; how to build safe discourses surrounding your positive status; and you respect your partner's/partners' boundaries then you're good to go. ALSO, please remember that these things go both ways, sex is a two way thing. It's not just the job of people with positive statuses to educate themselves and work towards dismantling stigmas. Just do yourself a favour and follow Jenelle - thank you.

  • All Bodies Health

  • Last, but certainly not least by any stretch, is All Bodies Health. While this isn't explicitly sexual health related (it focuses on everything from intuitive eating to dealing with grief), there are some crucial lessons to be learned from this page. Whether it's that brushing your teeth immediately before or after oral isn't as safe as some may think or that there is more to contraception than just the BC pill or a condom, this page is a must follow. You'll learn stuff that interests you, helps you, maybe even grosses you out {as someone who's not fond of the idea of pregnancy, the childbirth stuff gets me every time}, but there is always going to be something on there to help you!

So, you've reached the end. Congratulations for once again trawling your way through one of these - I hope it was enjoyable, useful, or it just helped you kill five minutes while you're waiting for your pasta to cook. Alternatively, if you're new here, welcome! I hope I've not scared you off.

Anyway, this merely scratches the surface and is far from an exhaustive list of the sex positive/educational accounts I love, but these folks have really helped me learn more about an awful lot of things and so I'm very grateful they exist. Expect a part two to this very soon! For now though, I think I've subjected you to enough.

All my love.

missing you already x

p.s. I've said this countless times before, but my instagram {bleachyxkeen} DM's and my email inbox {} are ALWAYS open. I can't claim to be a medical professional, but this is and always will be a shame free space. Think of me as your very vocal agony aunt x.

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